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Sta. Catharina Resort

If you love nature and peaceful surroundings, head to Santa Catharina!

When you wake up hear the birds and feel the breeze, you will fall in love with the resort.
It is situated at the East side of Curacao, overlooking St. Jorisbay, the Caribbean Sea and if it's clear you can see Bonaire.
The Aloe Plantation, Ostrich Farm, Studio Serena (Chichi) and Kite surfing are in very close proximity and also very good restaurants.



Santa Catharina was build in 1993 with the purpose of a sports and leisure resort. Now it’s remodeled by the well-known architect Henk Bolivar. Nowadays you have still many possibilities for sport en relaxation. Recently the swimming pool has been reconstructed.


All homes are designed and constructed for an optimal natural airflow. Various houses have a breathtaking view to the Caribbean Sea or a view over the gorgeous rugged nature of Koraal Tabak and Sint Jorisbaai. The keywords of Santa Catharina resort are nature and peacefulness.


If you are looking for a second home or this is your first buy, the renovated studios, apartments and villas give you plenty of choices.


There are 4 studios available. The studios measure an approximate 35m2 of living space. The studio has a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchenette. The price of a studio starts at ANG 90,000.-.


Santa Catharina Resort offers 4 1-bedroom apartments. These connected apartments measure an approximate 62m2 of living space. Two 1-bedroom apartments are located near the swimming pool, the other two are located close to the sports field. The prices of this apartments starts at ANG 130,000.-.


The 2-bedroom bungalows measure an approximate 85m2 of living space. These bungalows have 1 master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and one bedroom and an extra bathroom. Both bedrooms feature built-in closets and air conditioning. The living opens up to a porch and garden. All bungalows recently have been painted. A total of 6 2-bedroom bungalows are available. The price of a 2-bedroom bungalow starts at ANG 185,000.-.


The 3-bedroom bungalow measure an approximate 90m2 of living space. The 3-bedroom bungalow features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with shower and toilet. The master bedroom comes with an en-suite bathroom and all the bedrooms feature air conditioning. The 3-bedroom bungalows have a nice spacious garden. The prices of the 3-bedroom bungalows start at ANG 225,000.-.


Santa Catharina has 4 lots available. There are 2 sizes of lots; 449m2 and 419m2. The lots are offerd at a price of ANG 60,000.- (419m2) and ANG 80,000.- (449 m2).


Prices start at:

2- bedroom bungalow     ANG 185,000.- / US$ 103,550.-

3- bedroom bungalow     ANG 225,000.- / US$ 126,405.-

1- bedroom apartment     ANG 130,000.- / US$ 73,050.-

Studio                                  ANG 90,000.- / US$ 50,570.-

Lots                                      ANG 60,000.- / US$ 33,710.-

Currently Available: Apartment 10, 10B & 12. Lot: B1 & B2


Price list

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