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Sustainable Living: Project Zapateer / Abrahamsz

Sustainable living is not only about saving financially but also investing in the future, not only in your future but also in that of your environment. In the emerging neighborhoods Zapateer and Abrahamsz 23 sustainable and affordable homes will be realized. Prospective owners can choose from no fewer than four designs that differ in the number of rooms and in the luxury of the details and they can be confident that their new homes are very comfortable, modern, functional and above all durable.


During the construction of the houses in Zapateer and Abrahamsz, high-quality EPS and durable building materials of good quality are used, which gives them a solid construction. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is a recyclable product that maintains a stable value over the long term and keeps future maintenance to an absolute minimum.


Sulex Caribbean believes in the concept; construction speed, low costs and modularity and integration of sustainability. There has been a structural shortage of affordable housing in Curaçao for years. With the modern concept of EPS homes combined with clean solar energy and a rainwater collection system, Sulex Caribbean hopes to contribute to solving this problem and to offer a sustainable living experience.


The criteria for buying a PPP home are:

- Gross income from NAf. 2,400 per month

- Registered in the population register of Curaçao

- Do not own a home or plot of land


These criteria are supplemented with data that records the financial strength of the prospective buyer. This concerns matters such as salary income, partner income, side income, savings and current debts in the form of loans.



Project lots: 23
Different house types are described below, find out which home best suits you!




Location: Abrahamsz 


Models: B1/ B2 / B3

Bedrooms: 2 – 3
Bathrooms: 1 – 2
Construction area: 60 – 85 m2


Location: Zapateer


Models: B1/ C1

Bedrooms: 2 -3
Bathrooms: 1
Construction area: 60 – 85 m2

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