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Sta. Catharina Resort

If you love nature and peaceful surroundings, head to Santa Catharina!

When you wake up hear the birds and feel the breeze, you will fall in love with the resort.
It is situated at the East side of Curacao, overlooking St. Jorisbay, the Caribbean Sea and if it's clear you can see Bonaire.
The Aloe Plantation, Ostrich Farm, Studio Serena (Chichi) and Kite surfing are in very close proximity and also very good restaurants.

Prices for rent: 

2- bedroom bungalow:       ANG 1,200.- p/month

                                                US$ 675.- p/month

3- bedroom bungalow:       ANG 1,400.- p/month  

                                                US$ 790.- p/month

1- bedroom apartment:       ANG 1,000.- p/month

                                                 US$ 565.-  p/month 

Studio:                                    ANG 800.- p/month

                                                US$ 500.- p/month

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