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Coral Estate Centre VIP Studios 130 and 120

Buying real estate in Curaçao is a unique step to take in real estate. Curaçao has a wide variety of culture, beaches and nature. Coral Estate offers many opportunities for buying real estate in Curaçao, with all these facilities close by. The elongated resort, with a coastline of approximately 3 kilometers, provides tranquility, space and safety. At Coral Estate Centre, a delightful day at the beach, exquisite dining at restaurant Karakter during sunset or a journey through the underwater world is just a few seconds away. If you want to relax, you can bring a visit to the high-end salon & spa 8 The Experience. At the salon & spa you will be spoiled with a wide view over the Caribbean Sea, while relaxing in one of the hot tubs on the edge of Rif St. Marie.

Owning real estate in Curaçao at the Coral Estate Centre, includes living in the most peaceful and green part of Curaçao: Banda Abou. Coral Estate is situated near the salt pans, an inland lake with beautiful flamingos, the protected nature reserve Christoffelpark and many beautiful beaches. Playa Daaibooi, Porto Marie, Grote- & Kleine Knip and Cas Abou are only a few minutes away.

Each Studio have:

  • Living space: 50m2

  • Big bathroom with modern touch

  • Wardrobes

  • Small kitchen

  • Bed room (double bed)

  • Seat

  • Television

  • 220 Volt


  • Wonderful view on the Caribbean Sea

  • Beautiful half covered terrace

  • Best location in the VIP area with private pool


Price per studio: US$ 239,000.- (buyer cost)

*Dollar price is leading. 
*Interior decor may vary

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