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Coral Estate 601


  • 4bedrooms

  • 3 bathrooms

  • Swimmingpool

  • Sundeck with palapa

  • Seperate storage combined with a double car port and laundry

  • 24/7 security    


 Price: Euro 595000,= (buyers cost)

Coral Estate is an exclusive and grand resort, offering its residents and highly demanding visitors the rest, space and ultimate privacy they demand, enabling them to lead a pleasurable and care free life for years to come. Coral Estate is the only resort on Curaçao that has a lengthy three kilometers long coastline on the Caribbean Sea, providing some of our oceanfront properties with a private beach. Our beautiful lots are located on natural terraced plateaus and our hilly landscape makes for a clear view of the ocean from every single villa, creating unique personal paradises for all our residents. There are approximately 250 exclusive villas at Coral Estate. The immense territory provides ample possibilities to develop more real estate in the years to come. 

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