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Grote Berg V13 


  • Kitchen + pantry

  • Hallway

  • 3 bedrooms

  • 2 bathrooms

  • Storage

  • Closet

  • Porch


Left and right of the driveway are the two independent guestquarters located. These guest rooms each have a carport. The guest rooms have a bathroom, a living room / bedroom and a kitchen. They are separated from the house for some real privacy. 

Upon entering the villa you will see the spacious living room which is divided into different levels. The slightly elevated seating area ensures you of fantastic views of the ocean from inside the villa. The high ceiling gives an extra sense of space and let the wind flow through the house. Throughout the whole villa beautiful hardwood floors are installed. The modern open kitchen is located on the side of the living room.Of course, the kitchen is fully equipped and includes granite counter tops for that extra luxurious look. Next to the kitchen is a utilities closet and a guest toilet. 

The right side of the house is completely furnished as real mastersquarters. It has a large bedroom, complete with a marble bathroom and a walk-in closet (actually the fourth bedroom). On the left side of the villa are the other two bedrooms. Each with private bathroom. The front bedrooms also have their own porch. The porch is ideal for breakfast, delicious luncheons and dinners out of the sun. 

The view of the pool and the sea is great. The pool ( 11 x 5 meter) is built on the edge of the cliff so you get the 'infinity' feeling. Left and right of the pool are tasteful gazebos constructed. The 1000 sq meter of white sandy beach, palapas and the beachhouse! 

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